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Pesentation of Tunisian mathematical society
The Mathematical Society of Tunisia (TMS) was founded in 1992, it is headquartered at the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University Tunis-El Manar, Tunisia. It was founded with the primary goal to develop research in Mathematics at the regional as well as the international levels.

Goal and Aims of the TMS

The goal of the Tunisian Mathematical Society is to promote and develop research, learning and applications of mathematics. It aims
- To unify and support Tunisian mathematicians through effective communication, broad membership, sponsorship of diverseactivities and partnerships with professionallike societies
- To support mathematics research through the communication of current research to both the specialist and non-specialist, public recognition of research accomplishments and collaboration with the research institutes, granting agencies and the users of mathematics.
- To support mathematics education through joint projects with mathematics educators at all levels, promotion of educational advancements, and partnerships with ministries of higher education and research and organizations supporting mathematics education.
- To champion mathematics through initiatives that explain, promote and increase the general understanding of mathematics, provide extracurricular opportunities for students, and encourage partnerships with corporate, government and not-for-profit agencies.

Individual membership is available. Lifetime memberships are also available. For members residing outside Tunisia, fees may vary.
Institutional membership is available. Institutional membership includes both hard copy and online domain access to the appropriate periodicals.


The TMS is managed by an Executive Committee of nine elected members - a President, a Vice-President, a general secretary, a treasurer and five members.

International Cooperation

- The TMS currently holds reciprocity agreements with foreign mathematical societies, such as, the Swiss Mathematical Society, SociétéMathématique de France, Portuguese Mathematical Society, The Mathematical Society of Japan, Bulgarian Mathematical Society, SociétéMathématique du Canada, Royal Spanish Mathematical Society, the Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association.

- TMS is a memberof the International Mathematical Union.

- Organizes an annual international conference to promote the state of the art results in different Mathematical subjects.
- Co-sponsors many national meetings on special Mathematical subjects.
- Builds international scientific cooperation with various foreign Mathematics Societies through reciprocity agreements.


Société Mathématique de Tunisie - Département de Mathématiques - Faculté des Sciences de Tunis-2092, Tunis-Tunisie
Tel : 216 71 872 600    -    Fax : 216 71 885 350    E-mail : TMS@tms.rnu.tn